Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Island hopping

4 days 3 nights trip to Hatyai, Koh Ngai, Thailand with family has finally ended. This place is simply breathtaking!! It 'killed' loads of my camera memory space since i got up to the ferry heading towards the island. It took 30 mins to reach the PARADISE. The sea water is separated into 2 colours. Light blue nearby the shore while darker blue towards the deeper side. We were overwhelmed by the view in front of us!!

Here it is---- the amazing island
i LOVE the beach sooo much!!
Due to cloudy weather & some rain, i dont have to go through sun-burning sessions. Unfortunately, i dont have the chance to get a picture of the island which shows sunlight penetrates through the crystal clear greenish & bluish sea water. 

The water was so clear!! Look at those fishie~~
Besides snorkelling, there was something more adventurous ---> we were asked to form a line in the water then go through a very dark cave.(Emerald Cave)
Actually this island is not a famous tourist spot like Koh Samui. My family was the only asian guest in the hotel . The rest were from Italy, Sweden which will pay their visit to Koh Ngai annually according to the person in charged there.

Now back to the very 1st day of my trip. I spent my day 1 in Hatyai. Why i put the story in the end? Here's the reason: The hotel was a nightmare! It seems like a haunted room. It's true! And i can never forget the weird smell in the room and the lift just made me feel disgusting. Throughout the night, I squeeze in a single bed with mum although she had her own bed :s ( i m too afraid, pls 4give me)

Except the scary hotel, the rest were great for me!

  • The Tut Tut car which brought us around in the city
  • The Floating Market( friend bugs, cute little Sushi, fresh coconut juice,nice thai food)
Last but not least
How can u forget the  MOST FAMOUS show in Hatyai?
~deng deng deng deng~
Ah Gua SHOW!!!
They risk their lives by went through few times of risk-taking operations to become a female. I was touched by their actions, their courage and their sacrifice.  They treasure the chances of being a female that were not given to them originally. And they DID IT !! They are so beautiful!!

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