Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kuching, the Cat City. MEOW...

These 2 days I am busy on designing my 52 pages photobook. It took me so much time arranging and editing all the photos because I wanted them to be perfect. Actually I enjoy edit every single photo which I took. A simple photo may give you a different feeling after some edit and sometimes the outcome may be unexpected.

Footsteps in Kuching

Bako National Park - Sarawak oldest national park
The only way you can reach Bako is by 30 mins boat ride. We were welcomed by the mangroves as we reached the shore.
Ahha, all of us were still looking energized before the real tiring jungle trekking took place.
We were lucky enough to encounter with Pumba from Lion King, proboscis monkeys, flying lemur, snakes...

There are more than 10 trails in Bako for us to explore. After discussions, we opted 0.8KM Telok Paku which lead us to a beach. Steep climb plus humid weather added difficulties in trekking under the thick canopy of rainforest. See? Who got the 1st place up there?!!
Along the way, we came across small creatures, wild floral and I love those protruding tree roots the most especially with mosses covering them.
Finally reached the beach, but thinking of the return path, phew....long way to go.....

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre
Why were we here? We were here for Orang Utans! HuhuHaha!! They are set free in forest reserve. Before entering the park, we were warned not to make any noise because it would make the Orang Utans angry and attack us because there were some cases visitors attacked by Orang Utans. We were only allowed to go in during feeding session. This is the time Orang Utans show themselves and pick up the fruit from the platform.

UNFORTUNATELY, Jan is the fruiting season! NO Orang Utans showed up for food because they have sufficient food back in the forest. WHAT AN UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT !!

Haiz we could only see their posters out there :(
Ritchie the leader and Delima the Hot Mama according to the tour guide. 
Waiting endlessly.....................................
While waiting, I took some photos around rather than sitting there and doing nothing. It requires patience.
I told you I like mosses. So guys, next time give me a rock covered with mosses instead of flowers. LOL..

The Food : Kolo Mee & Tomato Sauce Koay Teow
Kolo Mee is the signature noodle in Sarawak. For me, it is like our Wantan Mee in West Msia, just without the black sauce and wantan. But with additional minced meat. Nice.

How they named Kolo Mee? From the sound of pots knocking each other when preparing the noodles. Kilikolo Kilikolo. So, people named it as Kolo Mee. Haha

I not really like koay teow with tomato sauce. Not used to the sweet taste koay teow. By the way, please try if you visit Sarawak next time.

I skipped Sarawak River Cruise, Fairy and Wind Caves, Cultural Village and Cat Museum in this post. So, I end it with our group photo with the cat ( Too bad the guys weren't cooperate and didn't show their 'cat paw'). CHEERS to our success trip with full attendance of all the classmates!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Stay healthy 2013

Hey, wana stay healthy with some exercise at home? Today I made my 2nd attempt to follow the workout videos in Youtube.

I always wanted to be FIT with some muscles (my dream) and don't want to be skinny (lacking in flesh by dictionary online) type because it looks sick.

So talking about the videos I found in Youtube, with 10 mins each, total 3 of them. I think my sweat glands are active than normal and therefore I sweat like hell starting from the first 3 mins. It's so efficient if u want to SWEAT VIGOROUSLY at home.

Let's start !! These are the 3 videos I followed. Don't look down on the Very very simple steps because they'll lead you to the 'Heaven of Sweat'. LOLL....I did Video #1, followed by Video #2 then Video #3. Total took about 30 mins and I continued sweating for 10-15 mins after working out. I like the 3rd video the most. Looks very 'yeng' right?

I turned off the ceiling fan and changed into exercise clothes so I got to get into the 'mood' quicker. Definitely feel refreshing every time after workout! After shower is the time I love the most. I feel YOUNG.

Took some pics straight after that to prove you that my sweat is real !! Hahah. Don't you feel that sweating is sexy? Yes, I do feel so :)) Wish me luck for getting some result after some training. Bye!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

牛仔裤 咸鱼翻身