Monday, January 7, 2013

Stay healthy 2013

Hey, wana stay healthy with some exercise at home? Today I made my 2nd attempt to follow the workout videos in Youtube.

I always wanted to be FIT with some muscles (my dream) and don't want to be skinny (lacking in flesh by dictionary online) type because it looks sick.

So talking about the videos I found in Youtube, with 10 mins each, total 3 of them. I think my sweat glands are active than normal and therefore I sweat like hell starting from the first 3 mins. It's so efficient if u want to SWEAT VIGOROUSLY at home.

Let's start !! These are the 3 videos I followed. Don't look down on the Very very simple steps because they'll lead you to the 'Heaven of Sweat'. LOLL....I did Video #1, followed by Video #2 then Video #3. Total took about 30 mins and I continued sweating for 10-15 mins after working out. I like the 3rd video the most. Looks very 'yeng' right?

I turned off the ceiling fan and changed into exercise clothes so I got to get into the 'mood' quicker. Definitely feel refreshing every time after workout! After shower is the time I love the most. I feel YOUNG.

Took some pics straight after that to prove you that my sweat is real !! Hahah. Don't you feel that sweating is sexy? Yes, I do feel so :)) Wish me luck for getting some result after some training. Bye!


  1. Yeshhh sweats do make one sexaaayyyy!

  2. viewitt! haha.. so ngam I do need some exercise to keep fit so that I can fit in my pretty skirt! :)

  3. Woo! Sexy Joey~ =D
    Nice exercise video! Wanna try it! =D