Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good night, i mean good morning

FINALLY it is reachable!  Sorry to say that this is actually my 1st time listen to voice messages in my phone. As i know, not many people like to leave a voice message and I never call back 1313 whenever there is a voice message. But this time I did.
And do you know, my heart beats faster than normal when I am listening to that? And I repeated twice. Haha weird. 
So, good night, i mean good morning.


  1. whose voice message made ur heart beats faster than normal?? =p

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  3. I posted a comment yesterday but that didn't go through. I said:

    'I also had to read this post TWICE to understand it. I guess reading it TWICE makes it sound better!'

    I'll see you in KL kiddo, good night.

    I mean good morning.