Monday, July 2, 2012

The 'EARTH' without 'ART' is 'EH'

I believe many of you have seen many posts and pictures about the street arts at Georgetown recently in conjunction with the one-month long George Town Festival 2012.

Since Georgetown was declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in July 2008, as part of the Penangites, I feel proud of it. Penang BOLEH !!

One of my fav activities is walk around the streets in town area and 'pretend' to be a tourist. It is more meaningful than hang out in the shopping mall, isn't it? In despite of the hot sun, I headed to George Town with friends last weekend to check out the street arts.

Siblings having fun. Look at the expressions, so real...
The most significant artwork

Hand-made directory to direct us

Baby Orang Utan spotted in a cube

Oopss..what's behind me??

WHAT??  A tamed-looking Dino?

No, actually the girls are the scariest ones...

Sorry, I created my own story just to add some fun in this post :) Anyway, there's no fix meaning for artworks as they are open for interpretations right?

Kuan Yin Teng - One of the oldest Chinese temples in Penang which was built in 1728

Unexpectedly, we met one of the artists on the street and he brought us to visit their studio - ResCube, which is located at Beach Street. There, we met with the other talented artists who involved in painting the street arts.

A pic together with the 'transparent boy'
Left most - Ernest Zacharevic(ResCube artist)
Tan Kai Sheuan with his creation which looks much like him
ResCube is a site-specific exhibition by six young and upcoming artists.
Its concept is based on the structure of a cube. One entity- six sides; one cube- six walls.

The 'EARTH' without 'ART' is 'EH'

So, don't miss out ResCube opening on this coming Friday (7 July) at 7pm!! Check this out
212, Lebuh Pantai (Beach Street), GeorgeTown, Penang.