Tuesday, November 20, 2012

5D4N Penang-Phuket-Krabi-Hatyai-Penang

This trip was actually a very last minute plan ( a week before ). Parents and I decided to take a short escape to somewhere else during Deepavali and Awal Muharam. Hotels were booked at agoda.com and booking.com. Last minute flight ticket (Firefly) to Phuket was too expensive and there was no direct flight (Air Asia) from Penang to Phuket. So, we took a van. Guess how long was the journey to Phuket? Total 626KM, 10 hours !!!

We chose to stay at Patong Beach, as it is a very happening place. The time we arrived to the hotel (Bel Aire Resort Phuket ) was already 6pm. A day wasted in the van. Without wasting time, we explored the town after placing our luggage in the room.

 Bangla Road is the heart of Phuket nightlife. Nightclubs and bars are all along the road and the non-stop club hits turn people into higher mood.  They are just within walking distance from the hotel.

 Sexy ladyboys. Notice the ladyboy in yellow? 'She' was showing her boop to the guy in white. LOL..look at his expression. 
Pole dancing. 1,2,3,4,5,6.....

The next day. Sunblock and shades ON !

SUN +  BEACH  + BLUE SKY @ Patong Beach. Umbrellas and beach chairs at the beach are for rent. Cost around 200baht per day.

We couldn't stand the heat of the sun. So soon after we took some pictures and had a short walk at the beach, we hopped on a tuk tuk and had a city tour. Unlike Bangkok,  the shops around Patong Beach are mostly selling beach wear, sandals, sunglasses, bikinis and souvenirs. 

The driver took us from the beach to the hill top then the town. The weather was very very hot but it couldn't stop us from posing and visiting around. Amazing sea view.

Look!! Who's here? Little 'Nam' from the Thai romantic comedy film 'A Little Thing Called Love' and her boy friends. At 1st she didn't notice I was taking her picture. Haha so cute in Nam's uniform and hair style. She'll become a pretty girl when she grows up. 

3rd day - Phuket - Phi Phi Island - Krabi

We chose to go Krabi by Phi Phi Cruiser instead of van. Why? Because it stops by Phi Phi Island! No visit to Phuket would be complete without a trip to Phi Phi Island right? Phi Phi is a place I always wanted to go! Finally, I AM HERE ! There were total 3 decks on the cruise. Roof top and 2 air-conditioned lounges. If you enjoy the sun, you may have your sun tanned at the roof top. We were given an hour for snorkeling. 

With the cruise of the day :)

At Krabi, I stayed at Ao Nang Top View. It is located close to the beach and the main street. The shops in Ao Nang are not much different with Phuket. Mostly beach accessories. Family and I just walked around and decided to explore Krabi town. So, again, tuk tuk - the main transport in town. I did not go for rock climbing and water rafting as mum is not a fan of adventure T__T.  I tried water rafting at Sabah before and I wish to try rock climbing!

I got to know that Phuket offers a world class rock climbing course when I was searching info about Krabi. Look at this http://climbingschoolusa.com/climbinglocations/climb-thailand.html so chi kek !! We did nothing much in Krabi. I think I prefer Phuket if compared to Krabi. 

By the way, there was a very nice beef noodle at Ao Nang. The soup is rich. You can see it from the picture. If you ever have a chance to visit there, it is a MUST EAT. Check here : Ao Nang Boat Noodle. At the same time, don't forget their Mango Sticky Rice. They added something crispy like cornflakes to it.  

So the FINAL day. Krabi-Hatyai-Penang. 4+4 hours.

Stopped by Hatyai to have buffet lunch at Lee Garden and buy some hair care product because they are cheaper than Malaysia. Also, we wanted to kill the long hour journey (8 hours) back to Penang into half. 

THE END of my 5 days holiday.

Some useful tips that may help if you plan to go (RM 1 = 10 baht)
Penang-Phuket van fare (10 hrs)                : RM70/pax
Bel Aire Hotel                                           : RM170/night
Phuket town tour                                       : RM40/tuk tuk
Phuket-Krabi cruise                                  : RM130/pax
Top View Ao Nang                                  : RM150/night
Krabi-Hatyat-Penang van fare (4+4hrs)     : RM70/pax
Tuk-tuk to Krabi town                              : RM2

We saved a lot on this trip as if we join tour, it will definitely cost over RM1000/pax for 5D4N. It is better to  plan on a trip earlier and maybe you can get a cheap Firefly direct flight air ticket. 20 hours to and fro is not worth and sickening (if we drive on our own, I think dad will give up in the middle of the way. haaha)

I am LOOKING FORWARD to my next year trip if I can survive the end of the world this Dec
(Jan)Kuching with coursemates
(Feb)Bangkok shopping trip with girl friends 
(July)Sabah with family


  1. nice photos and nicely written. :)

  2. so Phuket is much more nicer than Krabi?

    1. depends on the activities you do over there. They are equally nice and beautiful

  3. Hi, May i know where to get the Van from Penang to Phuket? Can i have the contact? Thanks. :)

    1. Sorry mylee I lost the contact but last time I bought it from the travel agency beside Komtar CIMB Bank.

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  5. Looks like you have enjoyed there a lot.

  6. Hi dear thx for the info n beautiful pics..
    I wanna ask u about the bus schedule from krabi to penang.
    At Wht time u arrived penang?
    I hv to catch my flight on 20dec about 18pm.. so I've to be there at penang airport about 16.30

    Is it possible if I take bus at Krabi 7am n arrive at penang airport 16.30 ??


    1. Ervy, sorry that I can only remember that the time I reached Penang it was already at night.

      I bought van ticket along the night market place where there are a lot of tour agencies. Fare is about the same in every agency and the van will pick you up from your hotel but I am not sure about the earliest schedule.

      I think your timetable is too rush. Bus/Van will have an hour stop in Hatyai and then you need to transfer to another bus/van heading to Penang. Besides, they will only depart when it is 80% or full load.

  7. Thx for the reply dear :)
    Yeahh I decide back to hatyai on friday n then early in the morning heading back to penang..
    Thx for the info :)

    1. You are welcome. Hope you enjoy the trip :)