Monday, March 4, 2013

Man VS Bugs @ Bangkok

LOOK AT THESE !!!! Do you like them?? Or can you accept eating them??

I've been to Thailand for a few times but it was my first time I made up my mind to try these fried bugs. Dew, Apollo and I passed by this stall when we were in Chatuchak Market. We hesitated for a while whether to try or not to. And the final decision -> WHY NOT because it costs only 20THB (RM2) for a packet of mix bugs.

We must always try new things right? We have to mix into locals like eating bugs as our snacks instead of Twisties and Mamee. Haha. Before this, my dad told me that fried grasshopper is the nicest one among all. 

OK, let me introduce before I tell you what I feel after eating them. You HAVE TO know them before eating them :)

Upper Left : Tak Ga Tan (grasshopper)
Upper Right : Non Mai (wood worm)
Bottom Left : Jing Leed (cricket)
Middle : Non Pai (bamboo worm)
Bottom right same as upper right.

Apollo's first ever bug. ( Don't get fooled by this picture as she's just PRETENDING that she's afraid. Haha. She LOVES IT VERY MUCH actually!! She finished up the rest of the bugs and even brought a box back to Msia)
And my grasshopper. 
Food review : 
Some black sauce was added to bring up the taste. I prefer bugs with sauce. They were crispy and a little salty.
I've tried all EXCEPT Non Mai ( fat little wood worm) because Dew told me that they are JUICY (slightly fatter than others) and not dry enough. The word 'Juicy' scared me off.

Cricket got the 1st place.
Grasshopper the first runner up.
Bamboo worm the second runner up.

That's the end of  A Bug's Life...

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